Can I Skype via WD LIve


I want to use use Skype - if possible - with this device.  Can I hook up a webcam via USB and find skype with this product?

Thanks for your help!


No, it is not possible to use Skype with the WD TV Live.

Currently, WD are struggling to support a wider range of USB wi-fi adapters.  I don’t think they could cope with having to support webcams as well!  They don’t even support USB keyboards yet…

Feel free to create a topic in the Ideas forum (large image link top centre).  If enough people vote on it, WD will perhaps consider it.

Thanks for the reply.

Do you know of  a way I could Skype on my TV without a PS3 (any gameconsole) or a computer?

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Skype enabled TV’s will be out later this year from LG and Panasonic.