Can I ship my hard drive back with the original antistatic bag even though it's open?

Hi, I purchased a WD internal drive about a month ago. Recently it started making clicking and grinding noises so I requested an RMA. I read up on the shipping rules and I plan on shipping it back in the original packaging with the two cardboard pieces that were originally in the box to keep it from moving around. The only thing i’m worried about is that the antistatic bag it came in was not resealable and was cut open. I was wondering if it should be fine to ship the drive in the open bag or if I should get a new AS bag. The problem is, i don’t know where I can get AS bags without having to purchase a pack of five or ten which is really undesirable since I only need one bag.

Also, sorry if this is the wrong section. The site wouldn’t let me make a new topic in the base internal drive section.

The drive is broken. Just use a bit of cello-tape. If you still have one of those satchels that ■■■■ moisture from the air around it, stick one of those in the bag.

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