Can I share photos without the internet?

I have a WDTV Hub, Android phone with WD Photo app, a network but NO internet. I want to share photos from my phone to the box so we can view on the tv. You’d think this was easy but it doesn’t appear to be possible… can anyone advise how if it is possible ? thanks

Not going to work dude. The link that allows the app to work (Mionet) is on an external sever.

There are a number of ways you can do this: -

  1. You can set up your android as a “Windows” network drive using Astro File Manager with the Astro SMB module, or alternatively download ES File Explorer. These are free apps that install on your phone from the Android market. You should then be able to connect wirelessly to your router and get the WD Hub to see your android mapped as a Windows drive, and therefore you would be able to search for and display photos on it from the hub.

  2. You can connect your phone to the hub via a usb cable.

  3. You can download Twonky Mobile from the Android Market. That has an option to "Beam"practically anything from you phone, photos, web pages, videos, youtube, etc. wirelessly to your a UPnP or DNLA enabled device (some TV’s and your WD Hub). Probably the easiest way wirelessly but costs a one-off license payment of £1.92 after a 14-day trial period. See

These options all require you to be in the vicinity of your wireless network as you have no internet.