Can I share a link to a folder on MyBookLive?

I’m talking about the same kind of link that SkyDrive, GoogleDrive, DropBox, etc., allow you to do.  You generate a link, send that link via email to another user, they can view the files.

I don’t want them to have to log in, install anything, twist around sideways, spit three times (sorry – got carried away; I just mean I want this easy :slight_smile: ).  Just a link that lets them view some photos via their computer browser.



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I know you can send a link using the WD2Go app, don’t know if you can from the my book UI. 

Wait, what? I can only send a link using a mobile app? (I can’t find any desktop app for WD2go, so I’m assuming it’s only available as mobile.)  

Seems like this woul be something that users would want/need (being able to send a link via their desktop).  I can’t believe I’m the only one that’s thought of it…

Guess I’ll continue to copy files to a cloud drive and send the link that way.  Horribly redundant and time-consuming…

If anyone else would like to jump in here, I’d love to hear alternate ways of doing this –



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On a desktop you go to the website to access the MyBookLive. “Guests” can also access your MBL via the website

They have to sign in (and I have to set it up beforehand, what a PITA), so this won’t work for my needs.  But thanks for the info –