Can I setup separate partitions for Windows Backup and TimeMachine?


I use a 3TB WD MyCloud to backup my PC and MacBook Air. I have my PC setup to image and backup once a week. TimeMachine is always backing up my MacBook Air until the backup disk runs out of space (then it deletes the oldest backups). I wouldl ike to setup my drive so that 1TB is used for my MacBook backups so that I always have enough space to complete my PC backups. Two quesitons:

  1. Can I set up  two partitions on the drive so I have 1TB availble for TimeMachine and the remaining space availble for Windows Backup?
  2. Can I partition the drive without erasing the existing content? I’m not sure this is possible but I figured I would ask.

As always, thanks in advance!

No.  You can’t partition NASes.

Some NASes allow the configuration of “quotas,” which limit the sizes of certain shares or users’ data, but the Cloud NAS doesn’t have that capability.

I continued looking through the different options. Although you can not partition the drive, you can change the maximum size Time Machine can utilize.

Settings–>General–>Select “Configure Mac Backups” and you can drag the slider to change the maximum size allowed for a Time Machine backup.