Can I save my shares?

Bought this model when it first came out.  I pretty much use this thing specifically for just playing music/videos from a newtork share on my windows pc.  I have my router setup to use DHCP but to always assing my pc the same ip. 

With the newer versions of firmware when I go in to music or videos It always tells me that my content source is no longer avilable, do you want to select another one.  I just hit yes, its scans, sees my pc, I go into it and can see my shares and it works.   It obviously has my username/password saved because it hasnt asked me since I originally set it up.   So I guess my question is how do I save my shares in the newer version of firmware?  I just want it to do the same thing as the older version of firmware did. When I click on videos or music, take me right into the root of my pc shares so i dont have to scan the network and select my pc everytime.  Anyone else have this problem?

Nevermind…  After a week or so of useage and reboots its now saving my share again.  Weird…