Can I save a complete copy of my mbp to My Passport, so that if it goes on fire, I have a full copy?

 I imagine I can, but I don’t know how.

I have set-up Time Machine to do automatic back-ups, but I can’t see a copy of my mbp in Time Machine (I don’t know what it should look like anyway - but I’m sure it’s not there).

Also, in relation to Time Machine, does it only back up the files I have created, eg, word docs, photos etc, to My Passport, and not the whole computer?

To see what TM has copied, click on the My Passport icon on your desktop.

TM copies whatever you have its preferences set too. To check, click on the TM icon in your menu>Open Time Machine Preferences.

In the next window click on the Options button. If you do NOT see the system folder inside the window, TM is copying your entire HD.

This window you can add files that you do NOT want copied by clicking the plus sign.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at Sat, Aug 8, 2015-8.09.17 PM.png

Strongly suggest that you read the PDF user manual.

Sorry for the delay in replying; I could see your reply but could not answer, as the site would not let me in, anyway …

Thanks for your reply, but here is another Q.

Whilst the info in the Apple Communiites forum and Apple info pages in general is quite contradictory, the bottom line seems to be that WD Passport when used by Apple’s TM, does not allow for a rebootable copy of the hard drive.  You and WD, and even certain Apple info pages states that the HD can be reinstated this way.  What do you think?  Is there a difference between ‘bootable’ and ‘reinstall’?

One more Q.  I can see individual docs, eg, Word docs, that I can reinstate in TM, but when I click on any software, all I can see is a front page with info on it, eg, time, date etc.  I ask this because I have software in which I keep my famiy tree.  Its taken years to make.  Whilst is good to be able to save individual docs, I would need to be able to reinstall the Ancestry software WITH my tree in it.  Would a reinstall via TM bring back my tree with all its info? Regards.

giveup wrote:  Is there a difference between ‘bootable’ and ‘reinstall’?


Yes.  Boot is when you start up a comp from “off.”  Bootable is starting up a Mac from a disc by holding down the “c” key.

Reinstall is installing software that was previously installed.  You are returning the software to your comp.

Regarding your other questions-concerns, I would suggest that you read the following Knowledge Base Article & website links:

How to back up and restore your Mac with Time Machine

Time Machine Tips

Hopefully one if not all of the articles will answer your questions & concerns.