Can I run Smartware and ATI WD edition together?

Hi, just got 3TB My Book to backup my windows 8.1PC.

I did the obvious, and folllowed the wizard to back everything up in Smartware.  Then I thought, how do I create a bootable system recovery disk?  Find can only do with ATI WD edition, but that only makes backupsof all the data, not the differences.

Although Smartware has substantially slowed my PC down (a quad core I7) I like the differential data backup which ATI WD doesn’t do.

I want to create a system backup with bootable rescue dvd s which Smartware can’t do.

I’m worried about possible complications of running 2 programs - can anyone reassure me that it’s OK or offer any suggestions.  I’ve no doubt that one possibility is to purchase the full version of ATI, but not keen to do so when the WD blurb in their ads says I CAN do all the above with the included (downloadable) free software.

Running two backups should not be an issue.

Both backups will be separate and will work according to their specs.

I regularly create a system image and another file backup on my external WD drive with no issue.

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