Can I replace the 2x 2TB HDD to 2x 1TB HDD into the Duo?


is it possible to swap out the 2x 2TB HDD that comes original with the DUO to 2x 1TB HDD of my own? i intend to swap them out with WD Green edition.


The drives in the Duo are Green Edition drives, and No you cannot swap them out.

does it mean that i have to use these 2 HDD that comes with MBLD? how can i swap them with my own WD Green Edition drives? because, 2TB per HDD is too much for me.  I would love to set MBLD to RAID 1 with two units of 1TB WD Green Edition HDD.

please tell me there is a way…

thx Tony

I think what WDTony menas is the DUO only ‘supports’ 4TB (2x 2TB) & 6TB (2x 3TB)

you cannot add any other configuration of WD Green drives. so no 2TB (2x 1TB) or 3TB (2 1.5TB) or 5TB (2x 2.5TB)

Actually you cannot put a lower capacity drive in as a replacement. It has to be the same or larger capacity WD Green drive. The OS is also stored on the drives, so just removing both drives won’t work (the unit won’t boot up).

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