Can I replace my existing hard drives with larger capacity drives

I have a My Book Live Duo 4 TB running on my Mac network as a Media distribution NAS. I need to increase the capacity. Can I replace the drives with larger capacity and the enclosure would recognize the increased space or ???

I have the Drive backed up. I would like to change out the current 2  2TB to 2 x 4 TB if possible

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Well, no, not without voiding the warranty and having to rebuild the system from scratch (since the operating system is on the hard disks.)

By the way, I think you’re in the wrong forum if you have 2x2TB, you don’t have a My Book Live.  I’m guessing you have a My Book Live Duo, EX2, Mirror, or something else, all of which have their own forums.

I know this is from 3 years ago, but did you have any luck?  I’m currently trying to up grade my Live Duo from 3TBx2 to 4TBx2, but haven’t been able to get the system to come back to a green light…after 5 days of letting it do its thing.



Did you ever get it set up?

According the WD tech the answer is no. If I wanted to risk it I could void the warranty. But WD just came out with larger capacity NAS drive enclosure. I am probably going that route

Well of course WD Tech is going to tell you no, reason being is what you just said in the latter half of your reply :stuck_out_tongue:

I might take the plunge and purchase 2 6TB WD green drives and see if I can get it setup.

Yes it’s worth a try. When I get the new enclosure I’ll start playing with it. I have an old Iomega NAS drive. I found out I could replace all the drives except the number one. It had to stay at the drive capacity and speed because the rom specs needed it for the software