Can i remove clip information?

I have a WD TV Live that runs continuously with the same movie clip

Everytime the clip starts it displays on the top left hand corner a small grey box with some clip information (subitiles:off, etc)

I want to box to go away, is that possible ?

What live player model do you have? Certain models have the box removed and others don’t.

What firmware are you running on the player.

Have you tried autoplay. If you can get it running I don’t believe that box is shown.

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Easy to disable at a 'Theme' Level ... just edit the XML (Delete the Yellow )and upload

.... though deleting this means you wont see the Info when you change 'Subtitles'

If you want to use this ... copy and paste into a new document and name it video_run.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<button valkey="CLOSE" />
<linebreak />
<button valkey="SKIP_TIME" />
<wrapper disable="@@disable_subtitle_audio_info">
<image image="image/video_playback_subtitle_info_bg.png" x="70" y="36" w="310" h="83" />
<text text="@@subtitle_info" x="87" y="53" w="276" h="22" fontsize="20" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" speed="1" delay="2" />
<text text="@@audio_info" x="87" y="83" w="276" h="22" fontsize="20" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" speed="1" delay="2" />
<!-- information time info -->
<wrapper disable="@@disable_time_info">
<image image="@@video_time_info_area" x="0" y="0" w="1280" h="720" bg="1" />
<image image="image/video_playing_bar_bg.png" x="70" y="644" w="1141" h="50" />
<image image="@@file_album" default_image="@@default_thumbnail" x="70" y="494" w="100" h="139" scale="100" />
<text text="@@filename" x="184" y="555" w="740" h="48" fontsize="44" textcolor="0xffffff" speed="1" delay="2" align="left" auto_translate="1" />
<image image="@@file_rating" x="186" y="609" w="124" h="21" />
<image image="@@file_favorite" x="324" y="609" w="23" h="21" />
<image image="@@speed_state" x="89" y="658" w="30" h="23" />
<text text="@@speed_value" x="120" y="657" w="33" h="22" fontsize="20" align="left" />
<progress_bar name="video_time_bar" x="162" y="662" w="832" h="14" pb_back_img="image/video_playback_playing_progress_bar_bg.png" pb_front_img="image/video_playback_playing_progress_bar.png" pb_point_img="image/playing_progress_bar_point.png" pb_delay="500" />
<text text="@@current_time" x="999" y="661" w="103" h="22" fontsize="20" align="right" />
<text text="@@duration_time" x="1108" y="661" w="96" h="22" fontsize="20" align="left" />
<text x="941" y="564" w="260" h="32" text="$$Close" align="right" fontsize="30" textcolor="0xc1c1c1" active="@@act-CLOSE" selected="sel-CLOSE" actnoseltextcolor="0xff8400" activetextcolor="0xff8400" disable="@@disable-CLOSE" />
<text x="701" y="606" w="500" h="32" text="$$Enter Desired Time" align="right" fontsize="30" textcolor="0xc1c1c1" active="@@act-SKIP_TIME" selected="sel-SKIP_TIME" actnoseltextcolor="0xff8400" activetextcolor="0xff8400" disable="@@disable-SKIP_TIME" />
<image image="@@shufle-ico" x="1234" y="599" w="48" h="36"/>
<image image="@@wrongkeyicon" x="563" y="282" w="154" h="155" align="hcenter" />
<image image="@@keyicon" x="1063" y="71" w="65" h="45" align="hcenter" />
<text text="@@info_now_playing" x="65" y="18" w="243" h="31" fontsize="26" />
<include filename="./ipcam_pip_win.xml" />
<text text="@@mod_txt" x="162" y="186" w="958" h="34" fontsize="30" textcolor="0xffffff" align="hcenter" auto_translate="1" />
<text x="450" y="160" w="372" h="26" text="@@text-OPTION" fontsize="24" textcolor="0x07b5ff" align="hcenter" disable="@@disable-text-options" />
<image image="@@mod_img" x="1063" y="71" w="107" h="107" />
<image image="@@info_mute_icon" x="1162" y="49" w="48" h="48" />

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I have a WD TV Live Streaming, can’t find a specific model number anywhere

Firmware: 1.07.18

I’ll give autoplay a try, thanks for the tip.

Thank you !

Figured autoplay and the grey box is gone !

Thanks a million


Nice one. Can this method possibly be used to replace the WD logo screensaver with a black screen using the original theme?