Can I reformat my WD "My Passport" for storage use?

As the Subject say I want to reformat my 1T WD Passport drive to use as a regular storage device. I have two of these and the other one is used for back up. So I do not need two for the same thing. So I want this one to store pictures and videos on and free up space on my internal HDs. Is it a big deal to re format for this use?

yep no problem at all

Right click on the drive,  go to the format option, choose Fat32 or NTFS (FAT32 is more compatable with older hardware) NTFS is faster.

And follow the instructions

You will lose all info on the drive, so back up anything you need.

The drive will act just like a USB stick from then on

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I just thought, you might not be given the option to format to FAT32

If you do want to format to FAT32 click this link and downloadthe convertor, its real simple to use