Can I Record YouTube or Netflix?



I just purchased a Live Hub Media Player. Can I record YouTube or Netflix to the Hard Drive? If so, please instruct…

Is there any way to stream Fancast???.. Please be so kind as to to give me instructions, as we are at the Mayo Clinic and I cannot access my home Computer… How do I record to the Hard Drive?

Thank you for any courtesy that you so graciously extend to me.

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you cannot record youtube and netflix on the hub’s drive, and you cant stream fancast either

as far as i know.


There are many Firefox extensions that will download Youtube videos. Try Download Helper or Easy Youtube Download Helper. Download Helper works on some sites other than Youtube but cannot download everything on Youtube. Easy only works on Youtube but downloads everthing (as far as I can tell). You must, then, move the files to your Hub. I know of no application that records Netflix other than screen capture software which pretty much **bleep**.


**bleep**? Really?


Hello Frequent Advisor:

What will the Hub record? It seems like I purchased a hard drive that will have little usage!

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Good Evening:

Thank you for the recommendations. I will gratefully attempt to use the programs. It was kind of you to offer your advise.

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Will a capture board work to record Netflix so that I may watch the movies at the family convenience? I would like the ability to record in the same manner as TIVA. It is a matter of convenience as we are at the Mayo Clinic. I would like the ability to record the movies I purchase, and watch them at my convenience… Would a capture board be suitable for my purpose, and could you recommend such a device!

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Netflix and Blockbuster are streaming services, they are not intended to be recorded. You are only renting the movies, not buying them. The Live Hub is designed as a storage device, not a recorder. If you bought it thinking it was a DVR, you made a mistake.


To give a simple answer this device will not let you record anything.



I am a simple home user, and do not know the difference between the convenience of a DVR for cable usage, and recording streaming video. When I use cable, a DVR appears to be accepable, a great convenience, and it was marketed as such . I do not believe that I purchased the video, however, as a consumer, I appreciate the ability to record for a later date. Netflix was recommended by friends who use the DVD service and record the DVDs for their convenience. I was informed that DVD were made to deteriorate after several years.

You made me feel as if I was doing something wrong by assuming that it was acceptable to record purchased services. I had no such intentions, and would not do anything which I know is improper or wrong.

The problem with the western digital hub is that there is little information. The information comes from the courtesy of the community members.

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Thank you. There is so much misconceptions. I do so appreciate the courtesy that you are so graciously extending to me.

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I don’t really know what misconceptions you’re speaking of. Nobody made any judgments about you that I could see.

The Live Hub is marketed exactly as what it is, a media streaming and storage device, not a recorder. Yes, with proper software on your PC you can convert DVDs to a format that will stream to or from the Live Hub. These can be DVDs you own or ones you rent from Netflix or Blockbuster. You can also stream movies directly from Netflix and Blockbuster over the internet  via the Live Hub, but you can not save them to the hard drive. Netflix has a limited number of movies you can watch this way, but they are free with your monthly service fee. Blockbuster only offers them as On Demand and you have to pay extra for them, but they have a much better selection and more titles. The other advantage of the Live Hub is it allows you to stream and store other media, like your personal videos, your digital photos, your music collection, etc along with access to YouTube, Pandora and other internet streaming websites. No other device offers this kind of flexibility. If you bought the Live Hub as a standalone device expecting to record from a cable feed or other input, you bought the wrong device. For half the price you could have gotten a WD TV Live Plus that would give you the same access to internet streaming sites and Netflix and Blockbuster, but without the 1tb hard drive, which it sounds like you don’t need since you don’t have connection to a local PC.

What you’re not understanding here is that no device simply allows you to record copyrighted material like movies and TV shows because of concerns for pirating. A DVR is a device your cable company rents to you, but you have to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to get the content to record. The cable company in turn pays part of that fee to the networks for providing them with their content. It isn’t just freely available. If the Live Hub had recording capabilities it would be a lot more expensive as they would have to pay royalties to all the content providers that could be accessed with the device. Netflix and Blockbuster have agreements with WD for streaming only because, as I said earlier, you are only renting the content momentarily. If the Live Hub could record then you would actually end up owning the content and the big studios would not be happy with that.


Barbie wrote:


Will a capture board work to record Netflix so that I may watch the movies at the family convenience? 

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This would be redundant.   You can watch NetFlix streams any time, at your convenience, as long as your Hub has internet access.   

Recording NetFlix (either DVDs or Streamed Content) is strictly forbidden and NetFlix goes to great lengths to prohibit such activities.