Can I record CF card to MP Wireless via MicroUSB3.0 to MicroUSB3.0?

So, I would like to download video from a CF card in the field to the MyPassport Wireless. Problem is my CF card reader is MicroUSB 3.0 output and the MPW is MicroUSB3.0 input. First, I don’t know if a MicroUSB3.0 to MicroUSB3.0 cable exists, but if it does, will it work to record this media directly to the MPW without a computer? Thanks! 


Both your Reader and the MPW are USB “Slaves.”   You can’t hook Slave to Slave – something has to be the host.

Darn, well that kinda kills this device for me. I thought I’d hang on to it if it could do CF and SD, as I have several cameras and recording systems.  It seems too slow to record large gigs of video data in the field, as I tend to use between 32gb and 100gb a day on shooting pro video without even going to larger formats that consume more gigs. This is too slow. Once they make a MUCH faster unit that I can hook up card readers to, I’ll look in to it again.

I agree.