Can I re-partition my My Passport Elite and maintain the WD SmartWare VCD

I am working on an Intel MacBookPro, running 10.5.8. I just got this drive today, and I like the backup tool, and plan to use it and would also like to maintain the pasword protection. I have all ready updated to the newest firmware using BootCamp, as it failed to run numerous times through the Mac OS.

So far everything is good, except I would really like to create a bootable clone of my OS as my IT department did not send the OSX install disks along with the computer.  In order to do this I need an HFS+ partition, and that is also true for Time Machine. My thought is this. I want to create two partitions on the drive. One for backup of my PC and use the tools provided to handle that. In fact I have all ready created a disk image for my Boot Camp partition to have that readily available when VMware/BootCamp screw it up. Now I need to also be able to repair the Mac side of things, but that of course requires the HFS+.

So after that long explanation, let me clearly state the question. Can I partition the drive using DiskTools, one HFS+ and one NTFS-3g, and maintain the WD SmartWare VCD in the process? Is it in a protected space that would not be affected by the partitioning process or would it be wiped. If it would be wiped, could I create a disk image of it prior to partitioning that I could then put back into a third partition that I would add to the original scheme?

I really do not want to screw up the whole thing by doing it without an answer to this question, so I really hope I can get an answer to this one quickly, as I need to head a path as quickly as possible.

Well, for those that may be interested, I got an answer from support.

The WD SmartWare VCD will not be wiped out by repartitioning the drive was the answer, and so I changed my partition with no issues. The VCD is still available as intended. Thanks to WD support for providing a correct answer.  Sometimes that is not the case for all manufacturers. I just really wanted to say THANK YOU!

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I’m glad you got your answer.

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:smiley:Hi I did the same with a  My Passport Studio 500GB split it into 2. CCC-Cloned the IMAC internal drive to 1 of the parts and intended the other part as a backup medium. Guess what? the thing does not boot over Firewire.

When pressing the option key at boot time the WD drive does not appear.

After shutdown disconnected Firewire(400) and connected the thing over USB2.0.

Guess what? now it appears when keeping Option key pressed but after choosing the external drive to boot  after a while a message will appear that the “Restart”-button should be pressed to restart the system.

No way it will boot the cloned partition.

It is an Intel IMAC with the latest Tiger and 2 Firewire 400 interfaces.

The latest firmware and software available on 31 August 2010 was installed before the repartitioning and cloning. VCD is shut off and SmartWare uninstalled.

Now I ended up to use it as a backup device only to save compressed drive images on it.

Any advise to make the thing boot a cloned drive image over Firewire? Cannot use USB-bus it is already occupied by other devices and too unstable.