Can I put WD Rapture drives in G-Tech RAID 4 TB

Can I put WD Rapture 10,000rpm drives in G-Tech RAID 4 TB housing? Will the firmware support it? I know I have the USB 3.0 and Firewire support…just wondering if I can make this use of my old enclosures.

Model number is: GRADU3PB40002BDB
Serial is: MAFD013100006E


We’ve never tested a WD drive in those older enclosure let alone a 10K RPM Raptor. But technically yes it should function.

Thank you for the reply. I am just wondering too if I would be overkill in the I/O from that particular controller on that GTech RAID Drive. What do you think? 6 Gb per second of course is fast enough… could a raptor out-clock it…hmmmm. :slight_smile:

Just general thought on that one, I wouldn’t expect an exact spec!

I have a chance to put two 600 GB Raptors in that enclosure for a total of $60 to give it a try! I just don’t want to blow up the controller in the Gtech!

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It won’t overload it. A raptor can’t go fast enough to max out the 6Gbps spec.