Can I put a HDD full of data and insert into My Book Duo to use?

I tried to search but just can not find the good result.

My question is simple:

I just bought the new My Book Duo USB 3.0 version (actually I have older versions as well). I was thinking…

1, If I have a HDD full of data, in PC normal format, say NTFS or FAT32. This HDD is in same spec as the one in the My Book, say Red 4T. Can I insert this HDD into My Book Box to use? I know for Raid0 or Raid1 is impossible, syncing action will destroy everything on the HDD with another HDD. But how about JBOD?

2, Similarly, can I take the HDD from red, and physically connect to a PC via SATA. Is it possible to read data from this? Again, not for R0 or R1, how about JBOD?

I think someone must had this question before. Any comment? Thanks!

  1. Not normally possible since the JBOD array still needs to be created by the WD My Book Duo’s controller.

  2. This should be possible for JBOD, but has not been tested by WD.