Can I plug my Acer xr382cqk monitor in to my G-Raid Thunderbolt 3?

Just purchased the Acer xr382cqk and it comes with both a Display Port and a USB-C port among others. I’ve read that some people are using the USB-C port from the monitor and plugging that in to their Thunderbolt 3 device and it gives the maximum 3840X1600 at 75hz and also powers the 4 USB ports on the monitor.

Will the Thunderbolt 3 G-Raid support this?


USB C and Thunderbolt 3 are not the same thing.

Type C is the name of the port/connector. Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Type C share that port but they are not the same interfaces. They are not compatible with each-other except when plugged directly into a 2016 MBP and mid 2017 iMac.

You will need to plug the drive into an actual TB3 port on your computer or a USB 3.1 Type C connection on your computer.

What I specifically asked is if I can plug in Acer monitor in to the GRaid TB3 port as a DP ALT device.

I already have the drive plugged in to my TB3 port on my PC and it’s working well. Since you advertise 2 TB3 ports, I’m expecting that I can use the USB-C port from the monitor in to the unused G-Raid TB3 port and set the monitor to DP ALT and it should work.

The G-RAID w/ TB3 has an HDMI port for the reason for display.

Indeed it does, again though, I asked if the TB3 port would work.

I found out for myself and so you can tell other people, your second TB3 port will indeed run the monitor and power the USB ports and allow for charging via those ports as well. The monitor runs under DP ALT mode when connected to a Thunderbolt port so the max Hz is 60Hz but that’s fine.