Can I plug in a multi port USB to WD Live

Hi Everyone,

 Can I use a D Link Multi USB adapter (powered) into the WD Live (so that I can use 3 things).

 I want to use my Dlink Network USB, with a hard drive, and a wireless keyboard.

 Kinda makes sense to have 3 USB if we have usb support now, yes. But there are only 2 USB.

 Does anyone know if this will work…or mess up my WD LIve?



In general, yes, that will work.

There’s a possibility, though, that your HUB might not be supported.

But there’s plenty of folks who have done exactly what you’re asking successfully.

works great, I have a powered usb hub and I use it for my wifi thumb drive, wireless keyboard and a second external hard drive. All work great together. I use one 500GB hard drive for my music and family photos and the 2TB drive for all my movies. :wink:

Hey DBrown,

What type of USB Hub or Multiport did you use? (model number if you know by chance).



Hey All,

 Does anyone recommend a type of UBS multi hub…ie D Link (model no if you know) or Linksys??? To use with WD Live Plus???

 Maybe WD should think about packaging their own?

Thanks to anyone for a reply,


Sorry about that, I can’t remember what brand or model number, it’s just a standard 4 port USB hub that is powered. I think the deal here is that the WD Media player only has enough power to accomidate maybe one un-powered USB external hard drive. I didn’t take any chances so I use all products with power. I have two external hard drives, one in the USB port 1 and the powered hub on the second USB port 2 and connect my second external powered hard drive and my WIFI wireless adaptor and wireless keybord. Hope this helps. I think you could use any USB powered hub.


 Thanks for getting back to me. I will give it a try. I see what you mean. I wonder if WD has thought of adding a adapter

with their LOGO to add as a accessory for WD Live products so that we can have 2 HD, keyboard, and USB wifi. 

 Does anyone else have a setup like this?

 Thanks for your time if you respond,

Tim B