Can i play videos directly from desktop to WD player?

My desktop is in another room . my question is

If i run a usb cable from my desktop directly into wd medial player willit recognize my C:Drive/Movie folder

I really do not want to buy external hard drive if i do not have to if i can just buy 20ft usb cable which connects directly into wd medial player then hdmi to lcd.

PC directly to wd medial to LCD hdtv

is this possible ??

or i have to use a Ext HDD my desktop does not have wireless card and i want to hard wire it …

Thanks guys

No, you can’t do that.

Both your PC and WDTV are USB HOSTS, not USB Devices.

Thanks for the reply

then i guess i need to buy a external Hard drive…


This is the sweetest tiny little portable drive I’ve used (not huge capacity, but if you need portability this little thing will slip in your pocket and runs with the Live units very well indeed).

No external power needed (which I love).

Current on Gold Box sale (today only).

The prices of external hdd’s are dropping every year while their storage capacities are rising. I have on my bureau a WD 250GB external hdd that I bought some years ago and for the same price I purchased a 500GB hdd last summer. 

Be patient, shop around and keep a sharp eye out for sales.

I doubt that you were regret buying one, especially now that you have invested in a WD TV Live Player.