Can I play movies from My Passport (1TB) on the Xbox 360 and/or PlayStation 3?

If there is a way can someone please post instructions. I would really appreciate it.


You need to format your drive to the Fat 32 file system, then it should work.

How do I do this?

And you have to scarify VCD/Drive lock features and Smartware backup functionality. Once formatted these’s no turning back.

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If you have enabled password lock on your drive, now is the time to remove it. Just unlocking is not going to work. Launch WD Smartware app and use the option to remove password lock.

Make sure you have good USB connection. If it is a desktop, use rear USB 2.0 port. Don’t use front USB ports and USB 3.0 ports to avoid unnecessary complications.

Visit this WD site and download current firmware. Make sure to choose correct device and firmware for your device.

Run downloaded exe file to update your drive firmware - Follow all instructions. You don’t need to download or update Smartware at this time.

Now open this web page and download Hide VCD application. This will also guide you how to update your drive firmware, which you have already done.

Or you can use this link to download the app.

Hide/Unhide VCD

Now use Hide VCD application to hide VCD and once finished following instructions, disconnect and reconnect your WD external drive. Now you should not see VCD on your explorer.

Partition & Format Drives - Info… in case you run in to trouble. (Make sure to assign drive letter W for your drive.

Always delete existing partition(s) and create new.!!&p_li=&p_topview=1

Visit this website to download FAT32 formatter for larger drives and use it to format your Passport drive. Again don’t use USB 3.0 if you have. Please note that FAT32 partitions cannot copy files larger than 3.99 GB.

FAT32 formatter for 2TB drives

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here is an easy program to format your hard disk to fat32…

it worked for me,because an xbox360 wont do it when is is exfat or ntfs.

now the xbox wil see it as an usb flashdrive.i can play music movies …

i hope it wil work for you


I formatted my WD 1 TB passport (usb3.0 capable) via usb 2.0 to FAT32 , and my xbox still wont recognize it.

I tried following the instructions but when I attempt to hide the VCD i am unable to. When i attempt through WD smartware , there’s no “virtual cd button” on the left side of the set up drive  section, and when i download the VCD manager and attempted using that, when I hit continune and it scans for a drive, it does not find one. I get “No device found” “Please connect a WD SmartWare drive to continue; then click rescan”   . my drive is recognized by windows, but it wont be recognized by this manager.

what should i do !?

im on windows 7 if that could be a problem ?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks for your time !

i was formatted in fat32 and it didnt work. i reformatted, using my 360 to reformat, and it works. although, it takes liek 10 seconds for my computer / 360 to recognize the drive, which seems like quite a while. also, it won’t play mpgs /mpegs - just avis and mp4s  and WMVs - is this normal ? i thought i had previously been able to play everything but MKV’s - but ive been away from my xbox for a few months and dont remember exactly.