Can I map a network drive to My Book World edition without using password


I’ve searched for a solutiion on this to no avail, so if I’m repeating a topic, my apologies in advance.

I’m trying to set up 4 machines to connect via mapped network drives without the need for a username/password to be supplied.  Is this possible? 




If you’re mapping the PUBLIC share then it’s more than possible…

Not sure aboout the original poster, but I have the same question/problem and was looking for something a bit more definitive - that is to say, how is it accomplished?



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I am using the public share, and I’m glad to hear that it’s possible, but like the previous poster, information on how it’s possible would be great.

The only ‘workaround’ that I’ve found so far is to add a user to the HD with the same U/N and password as their windoze account, but that seems to make a mockery of it being a ‘public’ share.

You could create a Batch file in Windows that runs at Startup to mount using a specified username/password. Windows requires authentication for SMB connections, whether Guest or an actual account. If you’re mapping multiple shares to the same device with different username/password entries, you’ll run into the Windows issue where it uses the first username/password you specified. You would then be unable to use any other username/password until you disconnect all network drives and restart the computer (or do a net use /del *)

Here’s a Batch file template:

net use x: \devicename\folder password /user:username
net use y: \ipaddress\folder password /user:username
net use z: \ipaddress\folder password /user:username

Note: In most cases Windows sees a device’s IP and its Name as two different devices. You can work around the one-logged-in-user-per-device issue by mapping two different shares, one by its IP and the other by its name.


Select ‘Computer’ in Windows Explorer.

Select ‘Map network drive’.

In ‘Folder’, type \mybookworld\public and click ‘Finish’.

The network drive is now mapped.