Can I make two clouds?


I access my music via my WD mycloud DLNA server.  When I connect to the cloud from my AV receiver it gives me the chioce of access by folder, author, album, etc.

For this to work I usually have to edit the CD meta tags myself.  If I just take what comes in from the CD rip I get a lot of unknowns messing up the sort order.

So I keep two sets of rips.  One that I have cleaned up and one that still needs some work.

Here is my problem.  My devices ( receiver, tablet, tv, etc. ) only allow me to choose access sorting for the whole cloud server.  I can not seperate the CDs with ugly meta data from the ones that I have cleaned up.

My Question.  Is there a way to make the WDmycloud device look like two seperate servers?  I would connect to server 1 to access the cleaned up CDs and server 2 to access the ugly ones    …or is there a better way to accomplish what I am trying to do?


I don’t think there is any good way.

you could place them in seperate shares and only enable media sharing on one share at a time. no idea how long it would take to switch