Can I make a link for a friend to upload their files onto my NAS?

Hi, Is there a way to make a link that I can give to other’s (who do not have an account on my nas) so they can upload their documents onto my NAS? So far I can only figure out how to make a link to share a document with others. Also I cannot access My Cloud on Safari. It just stays stuck in the Sign in. However if I use Firefox it works.

Have you created a User account for them on your MyCloud?

See Chapters 7-9 of the User Manual.

yes i have an account. There was no physical manual shipped and I have tried to looking at the “help” manual and there is nothing that talks about making a link to a folder for others to upload a file to my nas.

I want a link to share, not make a new account for the friend since it will be temporary. Like when you share a link for someone to download. Can’t I share a folder for them to upload and later delete the link.

User manual can be found:

It looks like you can create a link to a folder, but this does not allow random access to the folder; you can download the entire folder, and that’s it.

Select the folder, hit the email icon, and it will create a link that can be sent. This allowed me to download the folder from a web browser.

Creating a user, granting access, and then deleting shouldn’t be that hard, but I’m not sure it ever really deletes users; there seems to be a problem in creating a user with the same name as a deleted user, IIRC.

Easier, perhaps: create one ‘guest’ user, and put in the files you want them to be able to see. Change the guest user password and the guest folder content for different users. This will only work one user at a time, of course…

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Beyond the normal way of uploading files to the My Cloud remotely using either the My Cloud Desktop software, the WD Mobile apps, or the site, there is the option of using FTP. All of these options require some work to setup and configure on the part of the WD My Cloud unit owner/operator.

Like cpt_paranoia indicated, grab the WD My Cloud User Manual and read through it to see which method will work best for what you’re looking to accomplish.

Edit to add: If it were me I’d create a single “guest” User account and Share on the My Cloud device, enable remote access for that guest account, then create and tie that guest account to a account using a throwaway email account. I’d configure (via the Dashboard) that guest account so it has Full Access permission to only their Share and no one else’s. Then give out that login information to anyone I wanted to upload content. One can always disable remote access for that guest account through the My Cloud Dashboard at any time.

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That works but creates 2 problems:

  • “Guest” is reserved so a different user name has to be created, let say “coworker”
  • by then allowing a “coworker” to log to his dedicated share of the server remotely using then incidently he gets complimentary access with read/write/delete privileges to the public folder which is loaded with family memories. At home, family visiting by connecting to wifi can view public folder but cannot edit which was perfect. Now i would have to worry about a coworker being noisy or worst causing a mess, not good. It’s too bad that the folder link could not be configured also to allow uploading.

When I used the word “guest” in my post(s) above I was implying creating a new account that only “guests” would use, not that you’d actually named the account “guest”. Sorry for not making that clear.

The default Public Share not being configurable to Private is a long standing complaint to which WD has chosen to ignore. The unofficial recommendation is to put any files you don’t want others, like “guests”, to see or have access to in a user created Share that is set to Private. The workaround is to create several “guest” accounts. One for your “coworkers” and another for “house guests”, and others as needed.

There are unofficial ways to try and configure the Public Share as Private or to disable it all together. But those methods are primarily geared towards the older v4.x firmware My Clouds. Here are two threads that discuss those methods:

Various requests in the Cloud Ideas subforum to hide or set private the Public Share, here are two: