Can I make a folder span 2 DX4000's?

I’ve filled up a DX4000 8TB (6TB usable) and want to add a second. Is there a way to map a folder on on the first DX to point to a second DX? Is it is a function that Microsoft Backup Server would have to provide?

Any help would be apprecieated.


No, but before I bought another box, I would hang drives off of that one :)  Still would not be “one” folder though

Thanks for the reply. Hanging a drive off the existing DX would kill any RAID redundancy I need though. Seems like I could create a Windows shortcut on the original DX pointing to a new one. but that won’t work I guess?

Of course I have no clue what data availability needs you have.  If you need to be able to get to a file if a hard drive goes out without restoring it, then you need raid.  You could always hang a usb box that had raid :)  Either way, you will need a shortcut for each location.

Thanks for the help.