Can I make a bootable OSX drive out of my "My Passport For Mac" external 4TB Drive?

Hi all and thanks so much in advance for any help that can be given.

As it says in the title: Can I make a bootable OSX drive out of my “My Passport For Mac” external 4TB Drive?

I found a link that said 2011 versions of My Passport “most likely” cannot be created into a bootable drive.

But this is the latest model of My Passport For Mac - and while I know WD doesn’t provide tech support for making their drives bootable (at least, that’s what I read somewhere), I’m hoping things have changed and that they can now be used as bootable drives?

I’ve just bought one, but don’t want to open it up until I’m sure it can be done. The internal drive on my imac is fried, and I need to start running OSX off an external as soon as possible!

Cheers x 1,000,000


Hi Piedle,
Yes you can, I suggest using a regular flash drive. Use terminal to enter the Sudo command to make the flash bootable.
If you use your Passport just partition it so you don’t waste any drive space.
Go to this Apple document: How to create a bootable installer for macOS
This doc will show step by step how to make a bootable drive.

Take care,
Glenn… :page_with_curl: