Can I load programs?

Hello, I have a WD my book external HD on my desk top. I use it for Photos and my iTunes collection (almost 1 thousand songs/videos/podcasts). It’s always worked great. I’ve never tried to load a program to it.  Now I have a Dell laptop running windows 7, I just got a WD 1TB My passport essential se. I don’t want to slow down my laptop with programs like Adobe Photoshop essentials, Roxio, and iTunes. Can I load a program onto the WD passport? AND if I can (which I hope because that is the main reason my hubby got it for me)  How do I go about it???

Thank You

I believe you would be able to load the programs on the external but they would not be portable between computers and it might actually be slower. I did it on another external a long time ago because of space. Basicaly you go through the install carefully and when it shows where to install change the drive letter and location. 

I hope you have your stuff stored on a second drive. It’s a bad idea to trust one physical drive with important data. It doesn’t matter if it’s internal or external. If you only have one copy you’re screwed if something bad happens.