Can i link 3 * WD live TV on the same network?


Anybody know if i can link 3 * WD live TV on the same network - each 1 with an external HD

eks. my daughter plays 1 movie in her room - streaming from the connect HD -

and my soon is in his room playing a movie streaming from the device in my daughters room

and off cause my whife and i streaming music from the internet in the living room.

is this possible ??

if yes - will the remotes trying to control all in reach or can you “code” 1 remote for 1 device ??

thx in advance



I have two WDTVLIVE, both are connected to the same dsl router via lan.

Each has it own HDD connected to it and I can play media from player 1 to player 2 and vice versa through the network connection.

You don’t have to worry about remote conflicts except one or more player are in “visual” contact with same remote.

well now i know what my daughter is getting to her birthday :slight_smile:

thank you Cirrus