Can I just plug my WD MyCloud drive into the computer via a USB cable?

I have a WD MyCloud drive 3tb on a Windows 7 machine. Can I just plug my WD MyCloud drive into the computer via a USB cable?

I don’t think so, but I recall reading that you can plug it directly into your computer with the network cable.

Hope that helps.

See the User Manual, Physically Connecting the Device and Connecting a USB Hard Drive.


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cat0w (USA)


You can plug it in the computer, but NOT with the USB cable with the Ethernet cable. Then turn on the computer, then turn on the NAS. The computer will give the NAS an IP address and you will be able to copy from the computer to the NAS as it if was on the network through a router/switch. You will also get much faster speeds than through USB.

I would suggest use a hub or router or swtich which is as fast as your Ethernet Card speed, for example 100 Mbit or Gigabit for maxium transfer speed between your computer and My Cloud NAS Drive.

Most Computers do not autoswitch and assign a IP address to a NAS Drive. In most cases you need to use a cross-over ethernet cable and then set a static IP for the NAS drive via your network card properties under V4 TCP/IP.  Its just not a simple task.

Simple is to just use a hub or router or switch.

A Problem you may encounter:

I have one Laptop that will not use WiFi if I plug a ethernet cable in to it.  So to get around this issue I had to use a router with DHCP turned off (you can also use just a hub). Then I hooked My CLoud NAS Drive, this Laptop killing the Wifi and my internet router feed all in to to the LAN ports on the router with  disabled DHCP.