Can I Install My Drive Internally?

  I have the My Book 3TB Model: WDBFJK0030HBK-NESN and my motherboard is notorious for dropping the USB ports until the system is rebooted. Can I disassemble my external drive safely and use it inside my system?

I have heard stories of this being done ans to make sure there is no data on it because it gets encrypyed and I may lose it. I can move everything off of the drive without an issue (except the full day ot will take to move the files). Once I delete it all, disassemble the housing do I basically have an internal drive that will run in my system as if I bought an OEM inyerna; drive and mot ever have to worry about data lose from encrypted files or is that what the little controller board does?

Any help would be great because it is a pain to wait for the drive to come out of sleep when I am doing other things on my computer that really shouldn’t even access it. They really should have given it an on/off switch.


Please note that dismantling the drive is not supported under the warranty. If you proceed with that the warranty will be voided in case that you need to replace the unit.