Can I have two RAID 1 containers with a DX4000?

I was hoping I would be able to have two RAID 1 Containers / Arrays with the DX4000. 

I installed the OS with only 2 disks installed and that went well. I’ve then added in the other 2 drives, but it’s started “migrating”. Opening up the Dashboard and it’s showing as RAID 5.

While I’m impressed that the kit can “migrate” a RAID 1 volume into a RAID 5 volume, it’s not really what I was after. The RAID management software on the storage server seems quite limited (i.e. non-existant), but I’m hoping that I’m missing something.

Any thoughts or ideas welcome.

Or have a bought the wrong kit?

You are correct.  You have no"control" over what it does.  If it is 2 drives it is raid 1.  IF it is 3 or 4 drives it will be raid 5.

I understand it is not what you wanted.   But in raid 5 you will have 6tb raw vs 4tb raw for two raid 1’s and still have protection from a single drive failure.

Thanks Gramps. I should have read the manual more closely before buying.

It’s not the end of the world, the RAID 1 was for performance as I’m was planning on using iSCSI and popping SQL DBs on there. As it’s going to be my Dev environment performance isn’t a critial consideration, and I can always pop the transaction logs on the actual PC.