Can I have two N900 routers connected by using the ethernet ports?

I would appreciate if someone may indicate me if the following connection will work.

I live in a house where the modem is upstairs where I have a PC and a printer. However, many other devices (receiver, Tv, WD BookLive, etc) are placed or would like to have them downstairs. The Wi-fi signal between the two levels is weak.

If I connect the two WD N900 routers (1 and 2) via the ethernet ports, will this work?:

Upstairs: modem + WD N900 (1) + Peripherals (PC, printer, etc)

Downstairs: WD N900 (2) + Peripherals (WDLiveBook, Sonos, etc)

Thank you for sharing.


Yes, that can be made to work…  Just set #2 to EXTENDER (Wired AP) mode.

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Many thanks for your input.