Can I Have More Than One Backup Plan?

Is it possible to create more than one backup plan with WD Backup? I have the default plan which I configured when I first installed My Passport with WD Backup. I’d like to create another plan to backup a different set of folders/files, and perhaps on a different schedule.
It’s just that I seem to remember that with the WD Backup software, only one backup plan at a time can be created. If I try to create another, the current one will be deleted/overwritten.
If this is true, would my current Backup.swstor get deleted, or would it still remain, and a second, i.e., Backup1.swstor get created?
I know I could try this out, but …

Here’s the answer. Only one backup plan per WD drive that comes with the free WD Backup software. Disappointed. That also means that even though my other pcs contain WD internal drives, I can’t use this My Passport to back them up. On to Macrium or AOEMI or EaseUS.

One at a Time