Can I get my PR2100 mainframe repaired?

Anyone know if WD provides support to repair my PR2100 frame which apparently has a problem. Also, do they sell refurbished frames?

What is wrong with the frame?

Might be better to raise a support case with WD.

WD had determined the frame has failed. Trying to figure out whether to purchase a new frame, or have this one repaired if possible. Mike

I’m curious what exactly happened with the frame? Was it a bad weld? Would you share a photo of the issue @Mike3 for others to see it as you do and maybe if they run into a similar situation, this thread will ultimately point them in the right direction.


After firmware upgrade to 5.23.114 the Twonky server to play movies would stop running randomly.You needed to reboot the PR2100 almost every time you wanted to access the videos. Replaced drives per WD, reloaded the Twonky server several times, did a reboot of the system several times, reloaded firmware update, etc. but nothing fixed it. Finally WD told me the frame had stopped working properly. ?? I still don’t believe it since the firmware update seemed to trigger the problem.

The Diskless version basically. The frame without the drives.

Hello dswv42,

Just one point. Your comment “mainframe computers haven’t been commonly used in many decades” is incorrect. Mainframe computers have never went away, in fact, they have grown in size, speed, security, capacity, storage, functionality, and are design to be fault tolerant. Besides the traditional operating software (z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE), they also run Linux (z/Linux) and can support many “virtual machines” concurrently (hundreds and thousands) over any midrange systems. Following is a web link from (which has been around since the 1980’s) that describes why mainframes are still important. Perhaps you should take the time and read this SHARE article to open your perspective. And yes, I have been a mainframe systems administrator (or a.k.a. systems programmer) since the 1970’s, and was never a government employee.

Thanks Mike 3. I’m going to try reverting back to see if that fixes the problem. By the way, I have never had any issues with the Twonky server until the latest firmware upgrade.

I would tend to believe you regarding the frame, or whatever you want to call it, however, A friend of mine has the same PR2100 with the updated firmware, and he has no problems with accessing the Twonky server. so…

@Mike3 Are you aware that the Plex Media Server can also act as a DLNA server?

Yes, but it’s horrible. Hate using it. The Twonky server at least before the latest firmware update worked perfectly.

OK. Thanks to dswv42 reverting BACK to firmware 5.22.113 appears to fix the problem with accessing the twonky server. Reverted yesterday and this morning the Twonky server is still connected and working. What this proves is what was said in a previous post that WD support is apparently clueless. They determined the PR2100 was defective and I needed to buy a new one. What NEEDS to happen if for the firmware department to fix the latest firmware 5.23.114 so it works properly. Thanks for the support on this site. Appreciate it! By the way dswv, where did you find the previous firmware? I looked all over a few days ago to do that but was never able to find it.