Can I do safety remove SD Card without mobile or computer?

Can I safety remove SD Card after backed it up already without using my mobile phone (android) or PC/Mac? Thank you.

Yes, but only if all tasks are completed and drive is doing nothing and idle…

How to do that? Does not need to press any button, just pull it out?
How to know or make sure that all tasks are completed? Or just turn it off then pull out SD card?

NO, do not just pull it out, you need to press the long eject button on under sd card!

Tou really need the full user manual. Go here to WD Support to find your device and support for it,

Do you mean this button?

I apologize, I gave you incorrect information. From your photo I see you have the Pro model. I have two different MPW models, and neither is the Pro; mine are the original MPW and the MPW SSD models.

In none of the models is there a visible eject button anywhere. This is how it works;
To properly insert and lock in the SD card, slide it in with the card’s contacts facing down. Push it the rest of the way with your thumbnail. You will feel a little resistance from the lock spring until you hear a click and now card is locked in place.

To eject the card, press on the card’s edge with your thumbnail a little until you hear another click and you feel card get unlocked. Now card is released and can be easily pulled out.

As I said, you need to go to the Pro’s support where you can download user manual and view how-to videos. Good luck with your MPW PRO.