Can I do file storage and backup on same Passport?

I have a new Passport and am still figuring it all out.  I would like to back up my aging desktop computer.  I would also like to store pictures and files on the Passport to use on another computer when I’m traveling.  Can I do all of this on one Passport or does it conflict?  How do I separate out the backup from the files that I’m just storing on the passport to use on other computers?  Or do I even need to do so?

Yup, just connect the passport to one of the computers and select the files that you what to copy and then paste them into the passport. There is no need to divide the files, but you can also create a separate folder for each computer. If you need more help, follow the link below.

One more thing never trust important data to just one drive internal or external no matter who makes it. A backup means having at least 2 copies in different locations.


Thanks, I appreciate the help.  But, in addition to moving files to the Passport so that I can use those files later on for general purposes, can I also use the WD software to perform a full backup of my computer?  Can I do both things (a full system backup AND store files for general use) on the same Passport.  Or does this just screw up everything?