Can I disable YouTube on my TV Player

I have a WD TV player but I want to disable Youtube from being used can you do this. I did not want to do it via my router as it will stop it being used on other devices. I just want to stop it on one WD TV player

I might be talking out of the wrong orifice, but I seem to recall that you can enable Parental Controls and then restrict certain apps / functions.

Thanks I will take a look at this. Its my son hes for every watching Minecraft on Youtube its crazy he has the game and can play it himself on his PlayStation but hes in his room watching other people play it on Youtube?!

Heheheh… Both of my daughters do the same thing. “Stampy” is a household name in my abode…

yes your correct just seen it and put lock on it on my daughters WD TV box (just testing on hers will do it on my son`s when hes out ;-))


yes god know what they see in it…its an age thing I guess :slight_smile:

Youtube is on the Playstation too … so your son can still watch his Minecraft videos there instead :wink:

P.S. The WDTV Parental Password lock is easily reset … doing a Factory Reset
eg. Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default

this will wipe any password parental locked apps (including Youtube)

A better way to block Youtube is at a Modem/Router level … but anyways, your son could be watching a lot worse things other than Minecraft videos

Thanks for the info. I suppose him doing a Factory Reset will be one he does not think of (hes only 9 years old) I know about the router way but it blocks it all round the house I just wanted his device only. I know abou the playstaion one but to be honest I think hes misssed this side of it (for now) and him watching other stuff…I know its looming soon, but for now I like to think its of his radar (for now)

       Anyway thanks for your help