Can I disable Advanced Format in windows 2003?


Please bear with me. I’m not well informed about hardware stuff.

My configuration:

  1. Two hard drives: 1TB WD10EARS

  2. No jumpers in both drives.

  3. OS: Windows 2003 Enterprise R2 SP2 installed on the primary drive.

My understanding (please correct me if I’m wrong):

  1. Since there are no jumpers in both drives, they are both in Advanced Format mode.

  2. Windows 2003 doesn’t support advanced format. So I will have bad performance in these drives.

  3. Since I didn’t set the jumpers before installing the drives, I can’t use jumpers configuration to disable Advanced Format and I have to use “Advanced Format Hard Drive Utility”.

The problem:

When I went to WD to download the utility I couldn’t find windows 2003 under OS. So I downloaded as windows xp. When I tried to install the utility, it says it doesn’t support this version of OS. Now what? what are my options? can I disable Advanced Format on both drives without having to reinstall windows 2003 and all configurations??

Thank you in advanced.

Hi there.

Not to be blunt but as far as I know, no.

That is, unless you are able to find a tool made to correct ADV format issues on W2K3S…

Thanks for your reply.

Now, can I disable advanced format simpy by jumpers settings? I’m lost, I read somewhere that jumpers settings won’t work unless I remove all partitions on the dirve?

Yep, to disable the ADV format with a jumper then the drive needs to be clean before formatting the drive and the jumper must stay on…