Can I create another RMA within warranty period after I had cancelled an earlier RMA?

My WD Passport Ultra had been behaving strangely. It was extremely slow read and write, it could not be erased and formatted, and the Macbook Disk Utility “first aid” prompted a message to back up this drive. I requested an RMA and was promptly approved.

Somehow, I thought I could try to repair it and discovered the WD software and managed to erase and reformat it. It appears to be running properly now. Should I cancel the RMA? My concern is that if it is defective again within the warranty period can I create another RMA? Also, as there were some technical problems before, would it reoccur down the road?

Not unless you wanna waste your time and money on shipping and costs.

I don’t see why not … it’s not like WD state “One RMA” per device.

That’s a Crystal Ball question no one can answer for you.