Can I create an extra browse template?

I’m tweaking the legacy theme and I understand that under videos I have 5 views to use: List with preview, small thumbnail, large thumbnail, simple list and gallery. I successfuly can change the look and feel on all of them. My question is, can I have a sixth view? I know how to create a “wall” view by tweaking the gallery view but I’d like have the wall view as an additional option. You know, keep both.

Is this possible? If so, how can I do It? Shall I rename the new view xml file with a particular name?

Thanks in advance.

No, the firmware only looks for certain xmls, to have another view you would have to add xmls with different names and the HUB would not see them.

You can’t unless you modify the firmware!

Thank you guys for the reply. I guess I could create a new theme altogether that features a wall view instead of a gallery view and so on.