Can I connect MyCloud to a wireless access point

I have a small business, where I rent an office.  I have 3 computers.  I share the WIFI from the office owner (a friend).  I don’t have direct access to the WIFI router.  I have 2 choices for setting up the My Cloud:

1.  Put the My CLoud in his server closet, plugged in to his router with an enet cable.  Con:  I wont have physical access to the My Cloud at all times.

2.  Put the My Cloud in my office, and use an Access Point to get onto the Office WIFI so that my PCs can back up to the My Cloud.

Is #2 possible?  Any downfalls?  (Slower transfer Speed)

at least in therory yes it will work, I have not tried it

as far as speed as long as the AP supports the lower of the wifi protocols on the computer or router you won’t loose speed as you are on wifi already, a higher level standard will prepare for future upgrades.

my preference would be wired. Any chance of running a cable? most offices have dropped ceilings.

how far from the router?

my choice would be a cable from the router to a giga bit switch in your area and cable to each computer and the mycloud