Can I connect My Cloud Personal 3TB NAS to a .local domain?

I am the admin at a small business and here is my plan… put a My Cloud Personal NAS it a remote corner of our business connected to a Ethernet cable and power supply. Then point the backup software on 3 virtual Windows 2008 R2 Servers to store the backups on the My Cloud. I wont be using any of the Cloud service or WD software, just a block space to store the data.

Can the “personal” NAS be configured to work in this environment?
Any tips or tricks I should know?

I have searched net and this forum but get conflicting answers.


It’s a NAS. The ‘cloud’ bit is an additional function.

Set your three virtual servers to backup to unique folders on the MyCloud. Turn off all unnecessary services (including, I’d suggest, the thumbnailing and indexing services, using SSH*). Job done.

I’d recommend some ‘proper’ backup software, rather than WD’s free tools.

* Hidden .wdmc directories created by mcserver and photodbmerger and the deletion of them

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Yes the My Cloud will work in that environment.

You should take some time and read through the My Cloud User Manual which explains how to setup, configure and use the device. It also explains the various features and how to enable or disable them.

While the setup direction for the My Cloud may recommend using the WD software and apps, it is generally recommended that once setup that one use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to copy files and to map My Cloud shares to one’s computer for easy access. It is also recommended by many here to use third party programs/software to perform computer sync and backup rather than using WD Sync and or Smartware.

Thanks for the prompt reply and helpful links!

My roll as ADMIN is more of a title than a skill set, but i try…LOL.

I have looked at the user guide but until i get into the software it’s just theory at this point.

Thanks again!