Can I connect Book World II to a network *switch* (vs. hub or router)

I am running a mixed network (PC and Mac Snow Leopard OS’s) and I have no more ethernet ports on my router (a time machine).  Can I used an unmanaged switch and connect the Book World II 6TB to the network, or will I need a router?

My network is a roaming wireless network with 2 Mac wireless LAN’s, but effectively I am using a wired network using these two routers (one is plugged into the back of another through a very long ethernet cable that is wired in the building).  I have a long apartment with steel/glass walls that wrap around a solid concrete core of a building, and this is the only network topography I’ve found to work.

On this network, I have 2PC’s, 1 iMac, 1 EPSON wired ethernet printer (Workforce 610), LaCie Network Space Max 4TB drive (which is full thanks to Time Machine), a new Trendnet unmanaged switch  (8-port gigabit ethernet).  I wish to add another NAS.  

A switch to the router should do fine.

Yes, you can connect it to an unmanaged switch without any problems. I have 2 WD NAS devices sitting on the same unmanaged switch which is connected via wireless bridge to another unmanaged switch which is the connected to the router. I have PCs, Printers and DNLA media devices all accessing the NASs over both wired and wireless.

You could always stack another switch onto a network port of your router, you may need a crossover cable if the switch does not automatically adjust the port.

Hope this helps a little.