Can I connect a second external drive?

I recently bought a new MacBook Air and 27" display, to replace my old Powerbook G4 and 23" display, and now have no way to connect the Lacie external drive that I used to use because it has a firewire connection.

I was sold the WD My Book Studio 1TB, the salesman telling me that I could connect the WD drive to my laptop with the USB drive, and then connect my Lacie firewire drive to one of the two firewire ports on the WD drive, but this isn’t working and I can’t find any info about this issue in the support pages or on here.

Anyone know if this is actually possible or was I just scammed $200?

Hi there!!

What the salesman told you is called a daisy chain… But as far as I know it only works when all the connections involved are Firewire, so it won’t work if the one that goes to your computer is USB…

If I were you I’d take the drive back if you got it to do a daisy chain on a computer without Firewire ports…