Can I connect a Pogoplug to the Live TV Hub?

Just got a Live TV hub for Xmas and I’m also waiting for a Pogoplug to arrive so I can connect them and access my media from anywhere via the Pogoplug web interface/mobile phone app. However, I noticed that the Hub doesn’t have a usb ‘slave’ slot  (the small USB slot normally found on hard drives to connect the cable to it) so i’m a bit worried that I won’t be able to connect the Pogoplug to it. I could buy the necessary USB cable with the right connections either end, but will the Live Hub show up on the Pogoplug as an external drive?

Any help gratefully received as I’ve ordered the Pogoplug assuming it would work and only just realised that there might be an issue! If it won’t then I can cancel the order before it’s dispatched. 

Sorry its not on one of the features