Can I connect a HDD to WD Live TV and connect it to wifi to see files in HDD on my PC?

I want to know if I connect a HDD to WD Live TV and connect the WD Live TV to wifi (using some third party wifi dongles), will I be able to see the HDD ( and hence the files on it) on my PC over the network?

My pupose is to play HD movies from HDD through the media player, USB should provide enough speed for that… but I also want to download files directly from PC onto the HDD connected to the media player…

Will getting the WD TV Hub live 1TB version make this possible? although if that can do it, why can’t this?

That will be possible with the Live and the Live Hub

list of compatible wifi adapters here

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Is that as simple as that though? any extra configs?

Yes, it is pretty simple. One thing that I should warn you about is to be very careful to look at the revision letters of any USB adapter that you are thinking of buying. If you get a different version, even though it has the same part number, it might not work. The manufacturers frequently change the chipsets inside the adapters when the revision level changes making them incompatible.

Once you install the adapter, you go into the WD’s network setup. You can choose to connect by wire or wireless. If you select wireless the WD will show you a list of available wireless networks. Pick yours from the list, enter your log-on user name and password, and you are all set.