Can I Configure the My Cloud Mirror as Two Separate Drives?

Hi all,

I would like to know if I can configure the My Cloud Mirror as two separate drives. The reason is that I would like to use one as the backup of the other. Disk mirroring is not of benefit to me because it is only for home use and generally drives are very reliable so drive failure is not of major concern to me. I prefer to do a backup instead because this provides the ability to restore files that have become corrupted, accidentally deleted or wrongly saved. Of course I could buy a separate USB drive as the backup device but this would be added cost. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, just set it to JBOD mode instead of RAID1. It will then appear as two individual drives.

Note that this will erase any data currently on your drives.

As Darren said use the Dashboard under Storage and change RAID mode to JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks).

You will lose everything currently stored because it does a format of the drives. Then create a Share on each drive.

I have mine setup exactly this way. Share Media1 on disc one and Share Media2 on disc two. I believe like you that drive failure is a minimal concern plus I believe the enclosure is more likely to fail. If the enclosure fails I could pull the drives and salvage the data that way with a USB enclosure. This also gives you the benefit of doubling your storage space.

Based on the advise given, I went ahead and bought an 8TB drive. I configured it as JBOD but I still see one drive of 8TB. I do not see two separate volume. Any advise on how to fix this?

If you’re looking at the dashboard the 8TB you see is total free space on
the unit. If it was in raid mode it would only show 4TB.

You need to create a share and specify it is on volume 2. You can then map
a network drive in windows to that share. When you view the properties of
the mapped drive you’ll see free space. Just viewing the properties of a
share doesn’t show free space.