Can i change NTFS to FAT32 on My Book Essential 2tb?


I was sent a My Book Essential 2tb HDD and was told that it would be able to be plugged straight into my ps3 so that i could play video content (.mkv, .mp4,. avi) etc straight from the external HDD without having to keep it plugged in and stream from it…

is this true and if it is how do i go about changing it to FAT32…

have tried formatting through windows admin cmd but cannot as volume too large, and i have tried using a formatter but for some reason it wouldnt read or write the new volume under FAT32…

please please please help me as i dont wanna send it back to london and have it changed…




You’ll need to partition and format too. Check out this link they just discussed it and list an app to format




I’m not the PS3 fans but the XBOX360, I also face the same problem with you, I find a NTFS to FAT 32 converter wich can do this good,this would not cost you too much time on backup your data but need some fee or if you want to format the ntfs to fat 32,  don’t hold much hope on DM, it could only support formating to FAT32 which is smaller than 32GB, you could try Partition Assistant Home edition, this tool could support 2TB,