Can I change a folders ownership?

new to this drive. I set it up, copied our entire photo collection into family/photos.
created a new folder with my wife’s name and copied her entire collection of data into it - and that is about 1 TB.
Because I created the root folder outside of ‘family’ - she can’t access it.

The perfect solution would be for me to be able to change the folders ownership to her. Is this possible or do I have to start the whole process over again?

@YellowSwordfish Have you checked the Knowledge Base for an answer?

no you cannot change the owner ship of folders. each user has their own private space and the only shared space is the Family folder which any user can see and add data to.

Yes - I had read that but it didn’t answer the question…

I was afraid of this. But is seems a completely dumb design. As the ‘owner’ I should be able to do something this simple. Frustrating that this is not catered for.

Thanks to you both