Can I be sure the SMART data was not changed?

When I buy WD drives on Ebay or similar sites, is it possible for the seller to reset the SMART data to make lifetime hours = 0, so they can pretend it’s an unused drive? I recently bought a WD5000AURX Green HD that turned out be dated 2017 & showing external signs of being used, but the lifetime hours is 0. That’s pretty suspicious, but it’s the first time I’ve run into this, so I never gave it any thought until now. I’m very curious about this.

Is resetting SMART possible and is it part of “reconditioning” a HD or can I be sure that it can never be changed after it leaves the factory?

When I ordered the WD5000AURX, I was led to believe it was new. That’s the point of my question. How do you tell for sure, what story does the SMART data tell? I realize I confused the issue by also asking about reconditioned drives, and the point of that is that some sellers try to pass off used/reconditioned products as new. But never mind that, because my main focus above all else, is just to learn about SMART. I know how to run the self tests in SMART, but I’m interested in learning more. And the authenticity of the SMART data is just one of the interesting questions.